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Where imagination meets innovation, the School of Creative & Design cultivates the next generation of visionaries and creators.

Designing Diversity: A Fusion of Creative Minds

Unifying Diverse Talents: A Collaborative Hub for Design Innovation

In Design, we’re a like-minded, close-knit group of makers from all backgrounds with broad interests. UI/UX designers, product designers, environment designers, graphic/communication designers, illustrators, biomedical designers, animators, fashion designers, and artists all housed under one department.

Choose your track

As the demand for design increases, so does the range of design expertise. When you start out as a working professional, you may want to concentrate in a single area or, with expertise gained from practice or advanced education, work across broad areas of design. After completing our foundation year of design study, you’ll choose your track according to your goals and interests: Communications, Products, or Environments. Each track prepares you for entry-level professional practice opportunities in design or design study at an advanced level.

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Find your Programmes Undergraduate

Master of Art and Design is a practice-based programme that requires students to provide solutions through innovative design thinking process. The disciplines involved are wideranging from multimedia, fine art, animation, graphic design and fashion, among others, covering the length and breath of the creative industry.

Semester 1
  • Research Methodology
  • Graduate Seminar
  • Research Planning and Proposal Presentation
Semester 2
  • Master Thesis I
Semester 3
  • Master Thesis II with Project

ICAD’s Master of Art, Design and Creative Media is Malaysia’s first practice-led Master’s degree offered by a private university. Perfect for creative practitioners and artists, this 1-year programme allows students to graduate with a creative work accompanied by a shorter research report, instead of a full research thesis.

Core Course
  • Research Methodology in Arts & Design
  • Digital Art, Design and Creative Media Technologies in Southeast Asia
  • Critical Practice and Production Culture
  • Graduate Seminar
  • Creative Practice 1
  • Creative Practice 2
  • Exegesis 1
  • Exegesis 2
Core Course
  • Research Methodology in Arts & Design
  • Graduate Seminar

Choose one Core:

  • Thesis
  • Creative Practice and Exegesis

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Supporting SubheadingLearning at the School of Creative & Design

What you can Learn from Us?

Creative Thinking and Innovation Skills

Cultivating creative thinking and innovation skills to inspire students’ creativity and prepare them to become future leaders and creative professionals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Teamwork

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and team projects, students learn to collaborate with peers from different fields to solve real-world complex problems.

Application of Technology and Digital Tools

Teaching the latest technology and digital tools to empower students to unleash their creative potential in the digital age and create stunning works.

Knowledge of Art and Design History

Exploring the history of art and design to understand different styles and movements throughout various periods, providing students with a rich background in art and design.

Practical Experience and Professional Guidance

Providing abundant practical experience and professional guidance to help students apply theoretical knowledge to real projects and receive guidance and advice from industry experts.

Preparation for Creative Industries Careers

Equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to succeed in diverse creative industries and pursue rewarding careers in art and design.